Project MINK

Network. A very simple word hiding a very complex terminology behind it. The actual complexity of networking comes from almost infinite number of protocols and layers begin transmitted over the wire.

Being able to make an abstraction layer to unite various different networking technologies is a daunting task. Project MINK tries to do exactly that. By combining our previous experience in developing various network solutions with the ever growing need to simplify things, a decision has been made to give birth to a high availability abstract networking platform whose main goal is to provide a unique way of dealing with network packets, routing and switching. With high abstraction in mind, MINK platform tries to simplify complex configurations by using a simple scripting language to configure everything from basic node naming to complex routing and filtering solutions. With high performance and high availability in mind, this platform tries to put an emphasis on simplified custom plug-in development, encouraging its users to write their own customized daemons. Apart from standard already included plug-ins, any type of logic or state machine can be implemented in a very simple matter, giving the user an absolute freedom of customization.