Project Class 5

High CPS rate & High Scalability

Open SS7

High performance and reliability at no cost.


New for network

High Availability & High Performance


Revenue Mobile

SMS and Voice Filtering


Lawful OPEN

ETSI Compliant. Free of charge? YES! :)


  • dog SMS Filtering
    openSMSF is a high performance system for mobile operators used for network security enforcement....
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  • hamster Lawful Interception
    Being such a specific field surrounded with mystery and controversy, Lawful Interception proved to...
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  • mink-big-canvs Project MINK
    Network. A very simple word hiding a very complex terminology behind it.
    The actual...
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Release 14 ?!

The idea for was born all of a sudden, on March 1st, 2012. During the last couple of years, we've been actively working on couple of high profile projects involving Lawful Interception and SMS revenue protection for mobile networks. All those years of proprietary software development have given us the opportunity gather a lot of experience and valuable information in very specific fields. Release14 is a BIG team of THREE people having a very simple idea to give something back to the Open Source community. All of us being children of Linux and Open Source, we owe a great deal of our knowledge to this vast and powerful, yet free, knowledge base. At this moment in our lives, we are finally ready to make such a step, completely on our own and free of any commercial agreements and/or contracts that would prevent us from sharing the information with the community. All our products are of very specific nature, and will probably attract interest only from big companies like mobile and fixed line operators. We are here to give information for free, contribute to the community and cut down your costs.

*** - started as a Non Profit Open Source project in March, 2012. ***
*** Release14 Limited - registered on 16th October 2012 in England & Wales with company number 8254831 *** .

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